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Civil Litigation

Hire a Courtroom Lawyer

Dirt to Grass fieldFrom either side of a lawsuit, Schneider & Williams, P.C. offers its clients sound legal representation inside the courtroom.  Although the term “civil litigation” covers a broad spectrum of legal issues such as contract disputes, contested divorces, debt collection, insurance disputes, landlord-tenant, real estate disputes, and personal injuries and accidents, every suit requires the skill of a courtroom lawyer.  These skills include trial preparation, negotiations, jury selection, and zealous trial advocacy.

Schneider & Williams, P.C. offers you attorneys who are trained in civil procedure and trial advocacy.  Both Britt S. Williams and Wren M. Williams attended Cumberland School of Law, which is widely-recognized for its trial advocacy program designed to produce trial-ready attorneys right out of law school.  With education and training focused on pre-trial procedure, civil procedure, evidence, negotiation, and other skills beneficial to a trial lawyer, the attorneys at Schneider & Williams, P.C. are ready to help you in your time of need.